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Webinar The NEW All-Electric Decarbonized Home Kitchen Appliance Portfolio

Tuesday, June 6 | 2:00 PM Central
Chef Andrew Forlines

I will give an overview of new and advanced home cooking technology with an emphasis on all-electric, non-gas options. Induction cooking, Steam and Speed Ovens, Sous Vide Cooking, Automated and Smart WiFi Connected appliances.

Learning Objectives:

1. Why Induction burners are more powerful and better than gas burners.

2. Understand the expanded modern all-electric home kitchen appliance portfolio.

3. Learn talking points to get home owners and trade partners to opt in on all-electric home kitchen appliances.

4. Understand the complexity of the home kitchen large appliance industry AND how to navigate it.

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The NEW All-Electric Decarbonized Home Kitchen Appliance Portfolio

High Performance Home Lighting For Health, Safety & Welfare

Webinar High Performance Home Lighting For Health, Safety & Welfare

Thursday, July 13 | 2:00 PM Central
Doug Walter

Most homes in America are woefully underlit. Codes are no help, because they have minimal requirements (would you believe the International Residential Code only requires ONE light in a kitchen?). Despite energy mandates requiring high efficiency LED’s, there is little guidance on what kind of LED’s to use and more importantly where to place them. The missing element in this discussion is how much light we need, as the population ages. A 60 year old needs 3 times the illumination as a 20 year old to see! Drawing on ten years of original research and volunteer work with both the Illuminating Engineering Society and the National Kitchen & Bath Association, architect Doug Walter will discuss optimal lighting strategies and layouts for each room in the home using the latest technologies, illustrating them with actual case studies.


1. Learn how to maximize lighting and daylighting in homes to support Circadian rhythms and provide adequate illumination for all age groups.

2. Attendees will understand why each end user might have different needs, and how to provide them the control and choice they require from low tech to high tech.

3. Look at residential lighting standards and industry recommendations critically, and set your own evidence-based metrics.

4. Know where to look for further learning on the topic of lighting, especially kitchens and baths, the two most critical lighting environments in the home.


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Webinar Greywater Reuse: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Thursday, August 24 | 2:00 PM Central
Melissa Lubitz

With water scarcity concerns rising, we must look at what can be done at saving potable water use. By treating and reusing lightly contaminated greywater at both the residential and commercial level, there is the potential to save millions of gallons of potable water use each year. Decentralized greywater treatment can be implemented into new builds across the United States to start this mission of saving water up to 35% per home. One home alone can save more than 12,000 gallons of potable water usage in one year, giving relief to infrastructure, saving energy for pumping water and reducing consumption. Hydraloop is a patent device that has been installed all over the world, holding NSF 350 certification as well as UL-979 and IAPMO.

4 Learning Objectives:

1.    Understand the types of water in the home.

2.    Learn about technology used to treat lightly contaminated greywater.

3.    Understand implementation of greywater treatment into the home.

4.    Identify potential water savings by getting the consumer involved, ultimately leading to savings in infrastructure, density and energy.

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Greywater Reuse: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Recent Webinars

Webinar Sometimes the Simplest Ideas Change the World: Introducing Comfy Light

Tuesday, May 9 | 2:00 PM Central
Josue Ramirez, Ken Grubbs

Energy loss is a real problem on any residential new construction project. And perhaps there is no greater opportunity for energy loss than conditioned air leaking into the attic space through the dozens and dozens of ceiling penetrations that accommodate things like lighting fixtures, air-conditioning diffusers, smoke detectors, security devices, and more. Join us for a conversation with the inventor and founder of Comfy Light: a once-in-a-generation idea that is going to change the approach to residential energy savings. Josue Ramirez will show us that by combing air and light into one discreet patented device, saving significant amounts of energy never looked so good!

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to significantly reduce the number of ceiling penetrations by combining air and light into one Comfy Light fixture;

2. Demonstrate how blower door test data confirms the dramatic impact that installing Comfy Light has over traditional HVAC diffusers;

3. Understand that if the A/C system isn’t working as hard, it’s going to last longer, and fewer air changes per hour means the system doesn’t have to run as much, and will therefore last longer;

4. Compare Comfy Light’s unique multi-axial design, allowing for both horizontal and vertical air mixing.

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Sometimes the Simplest Ideas Change the World: Introducing Comfy Light

Heat Pump Water Heaters - A Panel Discussion

Webinar Heat Pump Water Heaters - A Panel Discussion

Tuesday, May 2 | 2:00 PM Central
Jay Epstein, Dr. Markus Lenger, Larry K. Acker

Join award winning builder Jay Epstein, water physicist Dr. Markus Lenger, and water and energy conservation expert Larry Acker to discuss heat pump water heaters:
1) How effective are they in a residential home and what are the options?
2) Should every home consider a Heat Pump Water Heater, even though they only have access to 110/120 Amps? 
3) Is plumbing design necessary for Heat Pump Water Heaters?
4) Is controlled distribution of hot water important for efficiency of Heat Pump Water Heaters?

They will also discuss new systems of monitoring and data collection of energy in existing and new homes: 
1) Should Heat Pump Water Heaters be monitored?
2) Is there a simple way to test and collect data on existing homes?

This panel will have details and suggestions on all of the above. There will be slides and examples of existing buildings and studies.

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Webinar EEBA & Ecomedes: Deliver Lower Carbon Options for Your Homes

Tuesday, April 25 | 12:30 PM Central
Paul Shahriari

Discover EEBA’s new sustainable products database - eeba.ecomedes.com. Easily search by product category, brand, certifications, ecolabels, or greenest products to streamline how you source and specify. You can also add products to a project and start to calculate impact and evaluate how those selected products help you achieve your project's preferred rating system. Sourcing and specifying sustainable building materials just got easy!

In the fifth and final episode of this webinar series, you will learn how to deliver lower carbon options for your homes using eeba.ecomedes.com.

EEBA & Ecomedes: Deliver Lower Carbon Options for Your Homes

Greening Up Existing Homes-Communities

Webinar Greening Up Existing Homes-Communities

Thursday, April 20 | 2:00 PM Central
Teresa Lopez

Green Energy Money, Inc. (GEM) offers stakeholders, builders, developers, Realtors® and appraisers innovative financing and valuation solutions to advance green building practices in their communities. GEM’s strategic alliances include national and regional lenders, energy raters, and our qualified “green” appraisal panel.  

There are over 132 million homes in America. At least 50 percent of these homes are over 30 years old and have extensive deferred maintenance and high energy costs. This webinar will cover:  
1. Retrofitting existing homes, creating high-performance inventory-higher value communities;
2. Types of retrofits; Loan programs; Financing options for improvements, FHA, Fannie Mae, home improvement second mortgages;
3. Bundling qualified federal rebate, tax credits, utility, and state rebates to offset costs;
4. Cost savings by economies of scale; community energy efficient materials and micro-grid technology purchasing power;
5. Recent home retrofit case studies– existing, relocation, point of sale transactions (purchase -renovation loans);
6. New building code requirements, opportunities;
7. Market Differentiation for Builders and REALTORS® - Stand apart from competitors; become a trusted, recognized “TRUE GEM” in your community!

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