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Webinar The Carbon Impact of Air Sealing the Building Envelope

Tuesday, May 21 | 11:00 AM Central
Bill Shadid, Gord Cooke

The carbon emissions and embodied carbon in single and multifamily homes are a growing area of interest and concern in the housing industry and can be used as an advantage in marketing and sales. Air leaks in the building envelope account for the most significant portion of wasted energy in the heating and cooling of homes, thereby creating a major source of carbon emissions throughout the life of the home. This session will explore the reductions in carbon emissions that can be achieved through a more airtight building envelope. Analysis will be presented that reveals carbon emissions reductions for different levels of air tightness across the different climate zones in North America. The embodied carbon impact of air sealing materials will also be presented and discussed.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the impact of heat loss and gain due to air leaks in homes.
2. Understand the impact that air sealing a home’s exterior envelope can have on reducing the operational carbon emissions throughout the life of a home and in different climate zones.
3. Understand the embodied carbon impact of air sealing materials.
4. Understand how an air tight envelope can contribute to a net zero carbon home.

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The Carbon Impact of Air Sealing the Building Envelope

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Webinar Whole Home Ventilation for Today’s Builds

Tuesday, April 23 | 2:00 PM Central
Joseph Hillenmeyer

Are your ventilation practices keeping up? With the envelope of the home becoming tighter through new code standards, improved building materials, and increased awareness of Indoor Air Quality, a balanced ventilation strategy is critical for the health of the home and its occupants.  Join us to discuss the evolution of building ventilation codes, how to incorporate ventilation into voluntary programs like NetZero, which solution is the right choice for your home, and how to build a Healthy Air Home with additional Indoor Air Quality products. 

Topics/Key Learnings

  • Welcome and Intro
  • How changing climate and codes will affect ventilation requirements
  • Benefits to voluntary programs including Energy Star and NetZero
  • ERV or Power Ventilators, which is the right choice?
  • V22 – The perfect solution for comfort, code compliance and healthy air
  • Properly commissioning ventilation units
  • Combining ventilation with other IAQ equipment to create Healthy Air/Creating Healthy Air with Ventilation and Other IAQ Components

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Whole Home Ventilation for Today’s Builds

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