The EEBA Site Supervisor Designation is a one-day course that covers how the knowledge, processes, and best practices gained from building science apply to site supervisors for residential construction projects. Similar job titles for a site supervisor include project manager, construction site manager, foreman, and field superintendent. All participants will be encouraged to raise questions, share their perspectives, and offer examples from their job sites. We will focus on actual job-site and real-world applications and the resulting value added to the company, the job site, and the consumer. Broad topics will include the following:

  • Building science fundamentals
  • Whole building integration
  • Building testing
  • Quality Management, and
  • Applying experience from the job-site to integrated design

Attendance and completing and passing a quiz at the end of the course will result in the EEBA designation. This course is consistent with guidelines developed by the U.S. Department of Energy for building science education.

Learning objectives for site supervisors include an understanding of the following:

  • How building science applies to processes such as integrated design and how site supervisors can contribute to – and gain from - these processes.
  • How quality management, including crew training, building testing, data collection, and construction documents contribute to construction processes and consumer satisfaction.
  • The availability of free internet-based tools to assist with crew training, sequencing, and installation.
  • Learn how bringing experience from the job site and an understanding of construction processes to integrated design can improve construction documents, make designs more practical for installers, and help plan the integration of new products and building practices.
Site Supervisor Designation