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EEBA Houses that Work

Based on years of field research from the US Department of Energy's Building America Program, our Houses That Work™ program provides proven techniques for boosting a home’s energy performance and your profitability. The climate-specific content includes measurement tools, the latest design concepts, application demonstrations and case studies. A mini-expo is part of each classroom experience.

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The HERS Associate & Taking the Performance Path

This full day session reviews Building Science principles as they relate to the Performance Path option in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The course explores the ERI/HERS as a tool to successfully design and build houses that comply using the Performance Path option, while meeting the minimum prescriptive code requirements of the 2015 IECC. Participants will spend the last part of the session reviewing energy rating software and manipulating construction assemblies to see the effect of energy scores.

Now available online in the EEBA Academy.

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High Performance Mechanicals for Houses That Work

High Performance Mechanical Systems for Houses That Work is a mid-level, full day seminar geared towards Builders, Designers, Code Officials, and Trade Allies that focuses on HVAC, Ventilation, Hot Water, Indoor Air Quality and Electronic Home Controls in high performance housing. In the past several years, residential mechanical systems have grown in complexity and scope as energy codes have mandated higher insulation levels, better windows and tighter construction. There is now a great opportunity to rethink and redesign HVAC, hot water heating and electronic home control systems as they are major contributors to energy efficiency goals. This course will first review the key building science concepts that have changed the way houses are built and identify the relevant changes to mechanical systems. The remainder of the course will focus on the proper sizing and selection of appropriate mechanical equipment for high performance ever lower load homes. Compelling opportunities to simultaneously optimize comfort, durability, safety and health, efficiency and cost will be identified. Instructor will use lectures, case studies and group exercises to convey the information to attendees.

Now available online in the EEBA Academy.

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Selling High Performance Homes

This is a full day course focused specifically on the needs of builders and new home sales specialists/agents. The session will also be of interest to general full service real estate agents, manufacturers’ representatives and housing program or utility personnel. This presentation applies proven sales techniques to the task of helping sales agents educate home buyers on the technical features of High Performance Homes. This will empower home buyers to make better decisions with respect to energy efficiency and other technical advancements. This workshop includes examples, case studies and role plays relevant to both custom and large volume builders and draws on the successes of many builders who have already realized the benefits of selling High Performance Homes. The workshop is applicable to all regions of the country and is readily adaptable to local housing programs and national programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, or Zero Energy Ready Homes.

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The EEBA Path to Zero Energy Homes

Zero energy homes (ZEHs) are a big part of the future of the home building business. While the materials and equipment to reach zero energy are available, designers and builders must create a bundle of energy-efficiency features that matches their climate, customers, and business constraints. This 7-hour class lays out numerous elements of zero energy design and construction, so that building professionals can formulate a package appropriate for their situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Students in this class will learn design principles, equipment options, emerging technologies, material selections, and construction practices that can be integrated into their building process. Strong emphasis is placed on ways to make the final product affordable for homebuyers. Sales and marketing ideas are also presented.

Now available online in the EEBA Academy.

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