Build water-smart and maximize returns!

Hydraloop Graywater Systems

Build water-smart and maximize returns!

Florida Builders, General Contractors, Architects, and Plumbers – we have big news for you!


Water conservation will continue to be a topic in 2024 with Florida water shortages. We at Hydraloop, arereaching out with a unique opportunity that promises to elevate your developments while at the same time doing your part in securing water sustainability. The state is now offering a tax rebate of up to $4200 USD and a 25-35% density bonus for properties implementing graywater recycling. Homes certified under the Florida Water Star Program that are built with graywater recycling can receive an additional cash rebate, depending on the county.


Hydraloop devices are at the forefront of this initiative, providing a cutting-edge solution to water conservation challenges. By recycling shower, bath, and laundry graywater, each home can save over 10,000 gallons of potable water usage annually, with minimal maintenance and no consumables. Discover how integrating Hydraloop technology can transform your projects by increasing build density, and how tax incentives offered by the state of Florida are making this transition successful. Let's build a future where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand. We look forward to hearing from you!


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