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Below is a sample of Indoor Air Quality courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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What’s New with Indoor airPLUS Version 2: What Builders and Verifiers Need to Know

Unfortunately, because of the recent need to stay at home, many of us have also been subjected to increased exposure to sources of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). With the recent surge of consumer awareness about health, along with advancements in energy efficiency and building codes over the last two decades, our industry is recognizing that healthier indoor air is a significant attribute that requires thoughtful design and execution.

Instructor: Nick Hurst, Paul Raymer

Kicking Gas! Going All-Electric for the Health of Your Family and the Earth

"Decarbonization" and "electrification" are becoming household words in some parts of the country. This presentation will demystify these terms, covering the motivations, benefits, and nuts and bolts of making the switch -- transitioning mixed-fuel homes to 100% electricity. If you have concerns about indoor air quality, resiliency, or the changing climate, there's something for you in this webinar.

Instructor: Ann Edminster

The New Normal - Delivering Healthy Air in Every Home We Build

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a new world; a new way of living, a new way of doing business, and a new way we think about health, safety and the air we breathe. This presentation will walk you through the product categories and applications that exist to create healthier environments in both ordinary times and adjust them during unique situations like we see today.

Instructor: John Bloemer

Smart, Connected Indoor Air Quality with Broan Overture

Homeowners are more concerned than ever about their indoor air quality. Quality builders are looking for ways to meet this growing demand for healthier homes with smart ventilation systems that can not only exhaust bad air and bring in fresh air but do it efficiently.

Instructor: Patrick Nielsen, Jim Bohn
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