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February Builder of the Month - Abrazo Homes!

Abrazo is EEBA's Builder of the Month Feature!
February Builder of the Month - Abrazo Homes!
Founded in 2010, Abrazo emerged as a local home builder during one of the most challenging periods in the industry’s history, following the 2009 crash of the housing market. Determined to make a positive impact, Abrazo’s founders, Brian McCarthy and Mackenzie Bishop, capitalized on a unique opportunity and embarked on a journey to build homes that exceeded expectations in the midst of an otherwise dim and uninspiring market. Drawing upon their collective expertise and passion for innovation, Abrazo Homes implemented new construction techniques, embraced sustainable building practices, and introduced smart home technology to the Albuquerque market. Abrazo wanted to create homes that not only met the basic needs of their clients but also exceeded their expectations, both in terms of efficiency, functionality and aesthetics. This formula for success proved beneficial over the years and subsequently, Abrazo has been recognized as one of the best places to work, one of the top private... read more

Sunnova: Building for Tomorrow's Weather

Are your homes ready for the climate challenges ahead?
Sunnova: Building for Tomorrow
Extreme weather is on the rise across the country. Are you building homes to withstand the weather of tomorrow? Join Sunnova Energy's panel of experts on January 17 at 12 PM CST for a free webinar on building weather-resilient homes using solar + energy storage solutions. What you’ll learn: Recap 2023 weather events and patterns Discover how you can leverage incentives for energy storage solutions and solar Hear real examples of solar + batteries keeping the lights on during outages Get tips on building homes that are ready for extreme weather See how energy storage solutions can help meet homebuyer demands and improve their investment through added resilience and reliability The combination of solar and energy storage solutions helps you build homes that are ready for the weather of tomorrow while giving your homeowners greater peace of mind. Register now for Sunnova's 1/17 webinar to learn more! If you can’t attend, please register anyways and a recording ... read more