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The House That She Built

Utah Women Prove that Homebuilding is Women's Work

We built this home to educate everybody in the construction industry that there is a place for women to work making a good living, teaching a new generation that there are no longer traditional roles in the workplace, and to help eliminate the shortage of labor in our industry which is an ongoing problem. We feel like women can be a part of that solution. --  Jennie Tanner, President of the Utah Professional Women in Building.


When you're a little girl, parents don't often think about saying, “Hey, why don't you get a job in construction? Have you thought about being a plumber or an electrician?” Even school counselors don't discuss these options with girls. And so, three years ago, I joined the Utah-based charter of the National Association of Homebuilders and came up with an idea to build the first all-women-built home in the nation.

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New $2,000 ComEd® Electric Homes New Construction Incentive & Free Training

Advances in air-source heat pumps, tight wall assemblies, solar panels, electric vehicles, and smart home technologies present new possibilities for residential construction. Builders of high-performance, all-electric homes can receive $2,000 per home from ComEd Energy Efficiency while selling customers on superior comfort and quality and bundling with rooftop solar to offset the home’s energy use.

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Two Zero Energy Ready Home Builders Hit 1,000 Certified Homes Milestone

For the past seven years, the US Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) Program has played a lead role in pushing the US new home construction market towards more efficient, more comfortable, and more durable homes. In 2020, the program achieved another significant milestone as both Thrive Home Builders (Denver, Colorado) and Mandalay Homes (Prescott Valley, AZ) have each surpassed the 1,000 certified homes mark.

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Top Residential Construction Careers You Can Quickly Pivot to in 2021

For many years, residential construction careers have been attractive to those who seek job stability. Nowadays, getting a job in the construction industry will provide you with more than job security. In fact, the shortage of talent has increased job opportunities in the sector. Salaries are growing and if you’re looking to improve your wellbeing, you should consider making a career change.

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SDiPro and EEBA Partner to Launch Exciting Competition for Green Builders

Huge boost for residential sales of healthy, high-performance homes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., January 5, 2021 ( - Smart Decathlon for innovative Professionals (SDiPro) launched a partnership with the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) to jumpstart consumer demand and ramp up sales of high-performance homes through a compelling competition.

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