The links below offer a wealth of information on High Performance, Energy Efficient Homes:

Energy Star Homes

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes Program

Home Energy Magazine provides reliable, up-to-date information on energy efficient products and best practices in home performance, energy efficiency, comfort, health and affordability. Subscrption discounts available for EEBA session and Conference attendees.

Building America Solutions Center: Details, technologies,CAD files and much more

Building Science Corporation: Articles and resources on building science, energy efficiency and moisture management

Construction Instruction: Animations, Best Practices and Technical Information from EEBA Trainers Gord Cooke, Mark Laliberte and Justin Wilson

Steve Easley and Associates  EEBA Instructor Steve Easley's website contains extensive information on high performance building

Habitat for Humanity Sustainable Building

Habitat for Humanity Newly Released Shelter Report - Transforming Low Income Communities through Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy


​DuPont Building Knowledge Center

Owens Corning High Performance Building Exchange

The Alliance to Save Energy  Policy and Advocacy Information & Resources focused on Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy 

Portland Cement Association Cement and Concrete Technology, Education and Market resources

Panasonic University Ventilation Courses 

Lennox Industries HVAC Energy Savings Calculator 

Steven Winter Associates: Research, Projects and Resources