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Below is a sample of Building Healthier Homes courses available on the EEBA Academy:
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Changing Our Paradigm: 4 Principles of Modern Design

Doug Tarry is President of Doug Tarry Ltd., an award winning, leading home building company in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Having built and labeled more Net Zero / Net Zero Ready homes than any other builder in Canada, Doug is currently developing a book called "From Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge: A Builders’ Guide to Net Zero Homes." This webinar will provide an overview Doug’s book and delves into what he believes are the 4 principles of modern design.

Instructor: Doug Tarry
CEUs: 1 LU AIA credit

Health in the Ultimate Z.E.N. Home

The Ultimate Z.E.N. Home is designed to set a new standard for health in the home. Learn about EPA Indoor airPLUS and how the Ultimate Z.E.N. Home builds on this foundation to address COVID, with whole house HEPA filtration and optimum humidity to shorten the life of the pathogen on surfaces.

Instructor: Rich Binsacca, Bill Rectanus, Nick Hurst, Joseph Hillenmeyer, & Russell Pope

Who holds the keys to a Healthier Home? What doors appear locked? Who are the key makers?

This session will cover the key elements to a healthier home. Is it the designer, builder, sub-contractors, H/AC contractors, Rater/Advisors Code officials, product manufacturers, and/or the occupants? No surprise here, it's a combination. Let's pick the locks and discuss the various roles each key holder has in creating common failures (unhealthy conditions) and current successes that open the doors to a healthier home.

Instructor: Joe Medosch

All Electric & Fossil Fuel Free: The Ultimate Z.E.N. Home

As climate change drives code advancement, learn how the Ultimate Z.E.N. Home eliminates the use of fossil fuels in a production-built home. 

Instructor: Rich Binsacca, Jack Armstrong, Sam Rashkin, Karla Butterfield, & Bill Rectanus
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